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Presidents: Nigel Hess & Stephen Daldry CBE

Our Festival finished on Saturday 19 March when Highbridge Community Hall resounded to the voices of adult choirs. The 2022 Festival, which ran for 9 days between the 7th and 19th of March, welcomed hundreds of competitors who recited poetry, read original short stories, performed monologues, danced in a wide range of styles from Greek through Classical Ballet to Tap and Street Dance, sang solos, duets or as part of a choir and played a variety of instruments, including the bagpipes and harp. We were very pleased to be able to welcome appreciative audiences, who were delighted by the return of live performance to the stage and warmly applauded the competitors for their efforts.  The organisers would like to thank the adjudicators, the stewards and everyone who competed for making this year’s Festival a great success.

Plans are already being made for the 2023 Festival, which should take place between the 6th and 18th March 2023.

To find out more about our Festival, please listen to Mary talking about us her time in Highbridge and at the Festival


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