Music Results Wednesday 14 March 2018

Class C30B
Choral Two or Three Short Pieces

with a common theme

1 st St Joseph’s Catholic School Choir
2 nd Brent Knoll

Class 32B Choral Two Songs in Unison
1 st St Andrew’s Junior School
2 nd Churchfield Voices
3 rd Ashcott School Choir

Class 29B Choral Two Contrasting Songs of Worship
1 st Churchfield Voices

Class X73B Unaccompanied Solos Guitar
1 st Lois Engelbrecht

Class X64B Accompanied Solos Woodwind
1 st Lillie Hannett
2 nd Harriet Hobbs
3 rd Millie Strong

Class X68B Accompanied Solos Guitar
1 st Lois Engelbrecht

Class X71B Unaccompanied Solos Woodwind
1 st Harriet Hobbs
2 nd= Lillie Hannett
2 nd= Millie Strong

Class X66C Accompanied Solos Percussion
1 st Benjamin Warner-Deards

Class X66B Accompanied Solos Percussion
1 st Thomas Riggs
2 nd Anthony Ashman
3 rd Nathan Ashman

Class X65B Accompanied Solos Brass
1 st Tristan Hollyfield
2 nd Sam Elton

Class G79
Instrumental Ensemble 7 – 12 Instruments

1 st Toots
Class X74C Instrumental Duet Any Combination
1 st Freja Dandy & Isabella Thomas

Class 74D Instrumental Duet Any Combination
1 st Ophelia Buckton & Joseph Storar
2 nd= Maisy & Luke Bartlett
2 nd= James Biddiscombe & George Simmons
3 rd Daniel Anderson & Lewis Priest

Class X72D Guitar
1 st Luke Bartlett* (Honours)

Class X74E Instrumental Duet Any Combination
1 st Fred Tiso & Ian Tiso
2 nd Ian Tiso & Ceiliegh Tiso
3 rd Joan Locock & Ken Henton

Class X65C Accompanied Brass Solos
1 st= Laurence Hollyfield
1 st= Edward Tye
2 nd Freja Dandy
3 rd Isabella Thomas

Class X65D Accompanied Brass Solos
1 st Daniel Anderson
2 nd= Ophelia Buckton
2 nd= George Simmons

Class G78D
Instrumental Ensemble 3 – 6 Instruments

1 st J Storar, S Elton, L Priest, J Biddiscombe, I Tjomas
2 nd O Buckton, J Storar, F Dandy, D Anderson

Class G80
Instrumental Ensemble 13 – 35 Instruments

1 st King Alfred brass ensemble


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