Speech & Drama Results Monday 6 March 2017

Class 106 Verse Speaking 9 Years and Under
1 st Matilda Friend
2nd Wills House
3rd= Amelie Rowley-Wall
3rd= Megan Cogan
3rd= Indah Kayira

Class 105 Verse Speaking 8 Years and Under
1st Morwenna Fuller
2nd= Taylor Tasker
2nd= Alex Laundy
3rd Mia Hadley

Class 116CD Classic Poetry Own Choice
1st Morwenna Fuller
2nd Freddy Jones
3rd Molly Joyce

Class 103 Verse speaking 6 Years and Under
1st Honey Moore
2nd= Oliver Tilley
2nd= Lily Collier
3rd= Theo Evans
3rd= Olivia Siggins

Class 115CD Shared Poems Own Choice
1st Alisa Hossein & Lily Grace

Class 113CD Read and Present a Poem
1st Freddy Jones

Class 113EF Read and Present a Poem
1st Sam Nicol

Class 127CD Television News Reading
1st Kayden Wright & Caleb Ashton

Class 136CD Prose Reading - Sight Reading
1st Freddy Jones

Class 136EF Prose Reading – Sight Reading
1st Sam Nicol

Class 124CD Drama Group Theme
1st Jack Hinton, Cohen Slator, Faye Dyer, Nathanial Burridge-Grist

Class 131CD Monologue – scripted
1st Luke Chetland
2nd Cohen Slator
3rd= Morwenna Fuller
3rd= Ellianna Boughton

Class 131EF Monologue
1st Francesca Smith* (Honours)

Class 119DE Themed Poetry
1st Jack Hinton

Class 119FG Themed Poetry
1st Sarah Joyce

Class 130CD Duologue Scripted
1st Sophia Eden & Ellianna Boughton
2nd Fraser Lyness & Luke Chetland

Class 125CD Dramatic Solo by Recognised Dramatist
1st Freddy Jones

Class 125EF Dramatic Solo by Recognised Dramatist
1st Sam Nicol
2nd Francesca Smith

Class 128EF Dramatic Group by Recognised Dramatist
1st Princess Theatre Company


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