Speech & Drama Results Tuesday 7 March 2017

Class 107 Verse Speaking 10 Years and Under
1st Bronwyn Clark
2nd= Athul Jomon
2nd= Tiggy Kelleher
3rd= Freddy Jones
3rd= Grace Pearson

Class 102 Verse Speaking 5 Years and Under
1st Keeley Wright

Class 120DE Foreign Poetry Own Choice
1st Effie Brown

Class 123C Novice – See What I Can Do
1st St Joseph’s Primary School* (Honours)

Class 122 KS1 Choral Speech Own Choice
1st Churchfield Holly
2nd= Burnham Infant School
2nd= Churchfield Juniper
3rd Churchfield Elm

Class 133CD Prose Reading – Diary Extract
1st Matilda Friend
2nd Freddy Jones

Class 122 KS2 Choral Speech Own Choice
1st= St Andrews 4AP
1st= St Andrews 4H
2nd= Churchfield Yew
2nd= Weare Academy First School
3rd= Brent Knoll Rowling
3rd= Mark First School

Class 104 Verse Speaking 7 Years and Under
1st Emily Marriot
2nd Evie Britton
3rd= Holly Pike
3rd= Haydn James
3rd= Esther Chambers

Class 119BC Themed Poetry
1st Freddy Jones
2nd Morwenna Fuller
3rd= Leila Edrich
3rd= Bethan Rose
3rd= Jake Coombes

Class 114C Original Poetry
1st Charlotte Avery
2nd Freddy Jones

Class 114F Original Poetry
1st Sarah Joyce

Class 108 Verse Speaking 12 Years and Under
1st Tilly Hall
2nd Max Adams
3rd= Amy Creaby
3rd= Bethany Smith

Class 134CD Set Piece Prose Reading
1st Freddy Jones

Class 134EF Set Piece Prose Reading
1st Sam Nicol

Class 126CD Devised Drama
1st King Alfred Group 4
2nd King Alfred Group 7
3rd King Alfred Group 1

End of Session


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